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Guest Blog: Wardens Wear Respirators to Perform Inspections at Turkey Hill

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By: Jenny Stephens, North Penn Puppy Mill Watch

Solid flooring, ventilation, temperature controls…. think that’s what’s REALLY going on in Pennsylvania’s commercial breeding kennels? Think again.

Puppy mill advocate Bill Smith of Main Line Animal Rescue is, once again, circulating comments from the PA Bureau of Dog Law Enforcement inspection report data base and I say “once again” not because this is an annoyance but because it is no longer shocking to realize that the Bureau DOES NOT ENFORCE THE LAW.

In January of this year dog wardens performed an inspection at Turkey Hill kennel, located in East Earl, Lancaster County, PA. The kennel was noted to be housing 364 dogs at the time. The warden notes on the report:

“Wardens observed a strong presence of ammonia from the adult dog building upon entering the area where the dogs were being housed, this odor was so strong making it hard to breathe and causing our eyes to burn that wardens walked out and retrieved respirator masks from our vehicles so we could proceed with the inspection.”

And if that’s not bad enough, the kennel, although cited (although we’re not quite sure for what because as time has gone by, the information on the inspection reports continues to become more and more vague – almost in an attempt to protect the kennel operator – was also noted to have frozen water bowls…. hey – weren’t these kennels supposed to be kept at a toasty 50 degrees?

In March, 2011 the wardens return and, guess what? Same problem! The warden noted the following on the inspection report:

“Wardens observed a strong presence of ammonia emanating from the adult dog building upon entering the area where the dogs were being house(d). This odor was so strong that it made it hard to breathe inside the kennel causing wardens to wear respirator masks to proceed with the inspection.”

Gasping for air. Can you imagine? But even with that aside, other comments in the report are also disconcerting: legs falling through wire flooring, no unfettered access to outdoor runs, dirty food containers, accumulation of food waste, hair, cobwebs, dust and debris, rodent droppings, dental disease, eye and ear infections…. Did we really pass a new law in 2008 or was that a trick with smoke and mirrors?

And what’s happening there today… in the ninety degree heat?

Why weren’t humane officers contacted? Wouldn’t these conditions be considered animal cruelty? And why is this kennel still open and operating? Who in Harrisburg is protecting the kennels who are not complying with the new law? Why is this still happening?

Didn’t Special Secretary of Agriculture Jessie Smith go to great lengths to announce to the local and national media that Pennsylvania no longer has a problem with puppy mills and that the new law solved ALL of these problems?

PLEASE send an email and/or pick up the phone and demand some answers.

Secretary of Agriculture George Greig ggreig@state.pa.us 717-787-4626
Special Secretary of Agriculture Jessie Smith jlsmith@state.pa.us 717-214-3447

Read the inspection reports: 2011 – Click HERE 2010 – Click HERE 2009 – Click HERE USDA – Click HERE

So much for the new law passed in 2008….

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2 Responses

  • Donna Lambert says:

    If the Warden’s aren’t going to do their jobs….Then fire them….This is very upsetting to think that things are getting better and to find out the oposite is true….Lancaster Co. gives me the creeps…..

  • AngelaB says:

    Either someone is getting paid off, or they could care less what’s going on, or are too stupid to realize – or all 3. No matter what, it always comes down to greed.

    I wish they’d stop the bunny-mills too, which are just as bad or worse than the puppy mills. And unlike dogs, the general opinion of rabbits is that they’re disposable, after Easter you can just do away with them. Rabbits are the 3rd most popular domestic pet, but the most abused & neglected – and misunderstood – obviously. With all these animals, the breeders AND the pet stores selling live pets must be held accountable. But as long as someone is making tons of money on it, it’ll will never end! *To see what awesome companion pets rabbits make, please go to http://www.rabbit.org. (No I am not affiliated with that site/organization, just a devoted rabbit and animal lover!)

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